Our story with Sam, now Wynnston, all started after our sweet Murphy passed away in March.

Murphy, also a rescue, had a rough start to life – he was chained to the front door of a shelter and had severe heartworms.  Murphy was a pistol and had multiple personalities… from the biggest love bug, to hard headed, to stay away or I will take your hand off! And we LOVED him through all of it! He touched our lives in a way we couldn’t imagine. So, when Murphy passed we knew we wanted to rescue again – it was just a matter of when.

We began looking a few months later and hadn’t found the right fit for our current doggie Quentin but we all had faith and knew the right doggie would be reunited with us at the right time. That’s when one night while I was talking to Quentin’s foster mom, I mentioned we had found a good looking fellow (Sam) from Cody’s Friends Rescue that seemed like he and Quentin may be a good fit.

Well, as fate would have it, Krisanne remembered Tina from rescuing with her years earlier. She and Tina talked and Tina called right away – determined to help us find the right fit for our family. And she did just that!  After talking to Angela (Sam’s angel/foster mommy), we scheduled a meet and greet, and the rest is history!  He came home with us that day.

Wynnston has already amazed us and it’s only been one week. Poor baby had been in a shelter where, if it weren’t for Cody’s Friends Rescue likely, he wouldn’t have made it out of there. Then he went to his foster mom Angela’s, then to us – all in a few short weeks. He is such a trooper!!

We brought him home and immediately he fit right in. He’s definitely a Nervous Nellie, he follows us everywhere and is a little anxious when we leave. He hasn’t figured out yet that he is in his forever home. That takes time, but he’s making progress by leaps and bounds and we’re incredibly proud of his resilience! He is so kind, patient, and gentle with his brother Quentin and has been so easy to train!  He will test us for sure but it doesn’t take him long to say OK I will listen and sit, stay, and down when asked – and we are working on shake!  He’s working on getting comfortable sleeping in bed, doing really well on walks, and just this morning went and got a toy from the toy basket all on his own!  He is still learning to play with toys but has already caught on to fetch. Now it’s the bring it back part we’re working on!

We cannot believe how in love we are after one week with this sweet and playful little guy!  He truly is the perfect and right fit for our family and we think he feels the same! We can’t wait to see where this journey with Wynnston takes us – no doubt it will be full of laughter and love.

Thank you for all you do to rescue, we are forever grateful to everyone who fosters and rescues. You all are truly angels and without you we wouldn’t have the years of pure, to-the-core joy that being a part of our four-legged family members’ lives brings us!