When I saw Hugo on PetFinder, I fell in love! What a sweet puppy!

When I inquired more about Hugo from Cody’s Friends Rescue, I was told that he was 2 days away from being euthanized at the shelter before a man named Hugo, now Hugo’s namesake saw him and brought him to Dan and Tina! He was found in a field in Garland matted with fleas and ticks and very dirty. I still can’t understand how he was left in that awful situation! The notes on his file said that he was fearful! How could he not be? I’m sure he was abused at some point.

I found out he had been at Cody’s Friends Rescue since October, 6 months prior. I couldn’t understand how such a cute dog wasn’t scooped up for adoption sooner! They told me that Hugo did have some aggression issues that were a problem. Hearing of his background, I could totally understand why he was like he was and wanted to show him a better life that he so deserved!

When I first met Hugo he allowed me to hold him, even to Tina’s surprise! Tina and Dan were really worried that Hugo would never find his forever home. They both knew that he really was a sweet dog, he just needed the right person to adopt him. And I am so happy to say that that person was me!

Granted, the first couple of days were a trial for both me and Hugo. He did get very aggressive with me after I tried to dry him off with a towel and he bit me. This made me a little nervous. Was this adoption actually going to work? But with patience, lots of love, and care ,Hugo has become the sweet dog that I always knew he was. Granted he definitely does let you know when he doesn’t like something, so we are still working on that. But he is just the sweetest, loving, and friendly little guy to people and dogs, and I am soooo happy that Hugo is a part of my life!

And I am so thankful to Cody’s Friends Rescue that they saved Hugo even though they knew he had issues! Without their kindness and understanding to a poor, scared, and probably abused dog, Hugo and I would never have had the happiness we have today!

Thank you Dan and Tina… you definitely are two wonderful angels!