What People Say

What People Say

New dog owners and dedicated dog fosters appreciate the coordinated work of the people of Cody's Friends Rescue. Join with them by selecting a dog to adopt or by becoming a dog foster yourself and save a dog's life.


“From when I picked her up and she snuggled into my neck, I knew she was mine. She’s been the sweetest little cuddle bug and so patient and loving in any scenario. I hope to get her certified as a therapy dog so she can spread the love to everyone.”


“Our Romeo, who has been with us for three months now. His coat is thick and he’s gained weight, and he is as frisky and friendly as he was when we first met him.”


“Barnaby is the best Valentine’s gift I could have received! Thank you again for coordinating his arrival to his new home, he truly is a blessing.”


“Look who got adopted! Lil Aren was desired by many but fit in perfectly with her new big brother Duke. Thank you Claudia for adopting sweet Aren!”


“When I saw Hugo on the website, I fell in love! What a sweet puppy! When I first met Hugo he allowed me to hold him, even to Tina’s surprise! They both knew that he really was a sweet dog, he just needed the right person to adopt him. And I am so happy to say that that person was me! Thank you Dan and Tina… you definitely are two wonderful angels!”

Jade & Julie

“Jade likes to sit in the sun. She has already figured out to ring the bells on the back door to go out. We walked in the neighborhood this morning and met some doggie neighbors. They are very well socialized. Amazing dogs! I feel like we hit the jackpot!”


“Moving to a new city, I wanted a familiar face to always come home to. Chelsea made my apartment feel like home. Named after my old neighborhood in NYC, she is as energetic as my old stomping grounds! Dallas is such a dog friendly city. I knew I needed a furry friend for all my new adventures. Her constant smile fills my heart with love each time I see it!”


“Wynnston has already amazed us and it’s only been one week. Poor baby had been in a shelter. If it weren’t for Cody’s Friends Rescue likely, he wouldn’t have made it out of there. He is such a trooper!! Thank you for all you do to rescue, we are forever grateful to everyone who fosters and rescues.”


“Sweet Sammie (far right dog) was hit by a motorcycle and saved by our great vet staff at Parker Animal and Bird Clinic. He has a new forever home with his new Mom, Veronica and Dad Ken. He has a four-legged “sista”, Lucy and four-legged brother Nick. Thank you for adopting! Big hugs and kisses Sammie! You touched many lives while you were with the rescue group.”


“This little dog has brought so much joy to us with her sweet personality. She follows us around the house, patiently waiting for us to sit so she can snuggle in our laps. When it’s time to go to bed, she hops under the covers and licks our legs. She considers it her job. She has adjusted to her new life with us. Thank you for letting us be Josie’s mom and dad, Cody’s Friends!”


“Look who got adopted to the most adorable family! Thank you Jennifer and family for loving our girl! From death row dog to forever happiness!”


“Zara found her perfect family with Cara, Justin and their two children Hudson and Sawyer. The boys saved up their Birthday and Christmas money to get a dog and have been searching for just the right one. The boys paid her adoption fee and promised to take care of her forever. You can see that Zara loves them and likes her new home.”