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10 week old sisters, Enya and Ember need a foster! We’d like to keep them together for socialization. Plus they will entertain each other which is way easier! We pay for all vetting and promote for adoption. They will be ready for adoption in about 4 weeks. Foster to adopt is also an option. But we don’t recommend adopting siblings because of #littermatesyndrome so just pick your favorite 💕 Foster applications can be found at codysfriendsrescue.org. DFW area only. No puppies under 6 months of age in apartment homes. ...

Skittles is only 10 months old and is losing her eye sight to juvenile cataracts! With the ever-increasing dimness around her, she has lost all confidence and living in fear most of the time!

Sweet Miss Skittles was found in a box, along with her 15 siblings, outside (near a dumpster!) at only 4-months of age. All of her siblings have found their forever homes, however, Skittles was returned to us because she began struggling with extreme fear. She is not aggressive, just very, very scared and not living her best life.

We found Skittles a foster opportunity with a wonderful trainer, and Skittles has made progress! However, it has come to our attention that Skittles cannot see very well, and needs surgery to correct juvenile cataracts. We know that with surgery to help her see better and continued patience, love and training, Skittles will be able to find her forever home too!

Please consider helping Skittles live her best life by donating towards her cataract surgery and continued training costs!

You can donate her toward Skittles' surgery, or in her dedicated fundraiser at https://www.facebook.com/donate/384227036759362/.

…the face of “I’m sorry I made such a scene while getting my bathe. I just love everybody & I’m very passionate about meeting people/🐶. My wailing, screaming while my new friend leaving me was traumatizing and I believe the entire store knew it. Sorry not sorry”- Precious
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Mattie came to us from a local shelter. Mattie is a leggy beauty who is affectionate, amazingly intelligent and gets a long well with others - people and dogs. She is a mixed breed and the perfect, medium size at 40 pounds. She’s very friendly and outgoing and a very good girl that wants to please. She stays close to her people, loves treats and takes them gently and gives gentle kisses. What a reward from a sweet girl! She is very playful as a young pup should be. She has been around kids as young as 6 years old, but is mouthy, like any adolescent pup, and would do best with older children and dogs who play like she does. Mattie is very lovable and sweet and charming. She does need her exercise and play time to tire her out as she is active, and then she is very calm. She LOVES her daily walks. She is waiting patiently for her family. Are you her forever family? Are you an active family who likes to hike or run - she's your girl. Fill out an application to meet Mattie today! Mattie is looking for a foster or adopter!

Do you like to hike trails? So do I. Do you like to swim and play in the water? So do I. Do you like toys? So do I. Do you like to snuggle? So do I. Do you like to go for drives? So do I. Do you need a running buddy? So do I. Do you have another dog about my size? That would be great but you are enough if you don't have another dog. I will love you. I will be your best friend. Are you my person? I am patiently waiting but I am really tired of being in boarding. I want my own home with my own people.

Applications start here!
https://petlover.petstablished.com/public/search/pet/1209393 or codysfriendsrescue.org

Candy PKA Chili is a new CFR save from local shelter busting at the seams. House trained, rides well, and likes to be petted. She is quiet as a mouse; appears to have mature cataracts bilaterally and may be a little deaf. Shelter said 14 years old but seems like a pretty healthy little cairn or Yorkie mix, maybe 8-10 years old. She has very shiny, silky hair like a yorkie. Needs a committed Foster. Apply at codysfriendsrescue.org. ...

About Angel PKA Chloe🥰

Sweet girl is a new arrival from a local shelter and is looking for a foster or forever home. She is calm and loving. Angel has the most beautiful sky blue eyes. Turns out she is microchipped and they actually had a name on her kennel card - Chloe. She is reported to be 8 years old with a birthdate of 02-01-2014 which would suggest that she was an owner surrender. More to come on this cutie or email us at admin@codysfriendsrescue.com with questions. Already smitten? Submit an online adoption or foster application at codysfriendsrescue.org or https://petlover.petstablished.com/pets/public/1396821

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Meet this handsome gentleman Baldwin, He is approximately 2yrs give or take a year was rescued from a bag situation in Jan 1, 2022. Her was chained to a tree in 18°weather. He was extremely skinny and infested with intestinal worms, heart worms and fleas. He was approximately 10lbs underweight and he had multiple lacerations and infections. He has healed from all his injuries and is all bettert now. He is a happy boy! He has an extremely pleasant, playful and affectionate demeanor. He's still very puppy like in his personality ♥️🐶. He's great with other dogs with proper introduction.He is not much of a barker. He is house trained, and can be trusted in the house unattended for periods of time as he is non destructive. He will just play with his toys or sleep in his bed or on the couch. He knows basic commands like sit and come. And is good on the leash but he is quite strong. A "gentle leader"harness is recommended. He is loveable and so very handsome.

https://petlover.petstablished.com/public/search/pet/1315093 or codysfriendsrescue.org

💜Meet Roxie Mae 💜
▶️ 12 weeks old
▶️ recovering from demodex
▶️ sweet & cuddly

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#fostertails 🤍I highly recommend rescue dogs. You can’t have Roo (right) but you can foster or adopt our friend (Rip) Oliver! 🥰 @codysfriendsrescue Posted @withregram • @brittany__pond ...

When you have a Zoom regarding puppy development, littermate syndrome, crate training, positive reinforcement basics, enrichment and dog psychology and these are the cuties you get to work with 😍😍 #ilovemyjob

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Good morning, DFW!!

We're doubling up on events today!

First, come see our dogs at Hop and Sting Brewing Co.!

We're bringing Bella, Tyson, Tootsie, Mattie, Snow, Castiel, Sammie, Daisy Mae, and Rip!!


A second group of siblings is joining our friends at Pooch Savers Rescue today at the Plano PetSmart, 6204 W Park Blvd at 1pm.

Come out and meet Daisy, Poppy, Viola and Lily from our Flowers group! These girls are almost 3 months old, and ready for applications! They're brother Toby won't be there today, but we'll tell you all about him, too!

#freedomridefriday Welcome to CFR sweet babies 💙 I don’t have anymore info on the three except that they were about to be surrendered to the shelter and now they are safe with us. I’ll update as I know more. #dallasdogrescue #dfwdogs #fosteringsaveslives ...