Guest Dog

Should you have to surrender your dog we’re committed to working with you to ensure the best possible solution for you and your pet.

Surrender Dog


Because the primary mission of Cody’s Friends Rescue is saving dogs from death in DFW area shelters, and because we depend on foster homes to care for them until their adoption, we’re unable to accept the many dozens of dogs we’re asked to accept every week. That’s what has driven us to implement a  ‘Guest Dog Program”.

Through this Guest Program we offer our experience and expertise in finding loving, permanent families for great dogs! There is no cost to participants, our only goal is to help those individuals trying to place a dog into a safe & loving home. We also offer the program to those who, in the best interest of their dog, need to place him or her into a new home environment.

Cody’s Friends Rescue is not a shelter; all our dogs are in foster homes.  Due to the shortage of foster homes and the costs of boarding we can’t offer to provide a temporary foster for your dog until a permanent home is secured.

To participate in the Guest Dog Program

  1. Fill out the online guest dog form by clicking on the link below.
  2. Upload up to three (close up, focused and well lit) pictures of your dog with the entry form. We can post a video too, if you have one!
  3. Up to date vaccinations (rabies / distemper / parvo / bordatella) and spay/neuter are required (not an option / but required!) If your dog is too young for spay or neuter, please email us at to discuss special arrangements. Heartworm testing and prevention are also required.
  4. After we receive the Entry Form we will contact you to let you know your dog is posted, and ask that you review the posting to ensure it’s accurate and correct!  The vast majority of times, we’ll have your guest dog entry form posted within 48 hours after it’s sent.  If it goes beyond 48 hours, please email to confirm your form was received.

Our Adoption Process
When an adoption application is received, we will forward it to you for your review – and ask that you contact them within 24 hours, if possible. After you and the applicant speak, if you both feel it’s a potential match, arrange a meeting at your home, their home, or anywhere in between!  If you both still feel this is a potentially good match, then the next step is a home visit to ensure the dog will be safe in his/her new environment and is compatible with family members and other pets. If all involved agree, a signed contract from the adopter is required (we’ll provide this for you) stating the new owners are adopting this pet as a companion animal and member of their family. You can take a look at our online adoption application to give you an idea of what we are looking for in a potential adopter.

If you have questions, you’re always welcome to email our guest dog coordinator at We’ll try to answer you asap!