Foster Process

Foster Process

Are you ready to open up your home, be a voice, and save a life? Foster homes are the backbone of our organization. It takes a TEAM to save the number of lives we are protecting each year. By opening your home to one or more foster dogs, you enable Cody’s Friends Rescue to save another life.

Why Foster?

  1. The dog gets to live with a family instead of a shelter.

  2. You increase the dogs chance of being adopted.

  3. If you already have a dog, they’ll both develop better social skills.

  4. A foster can be a great companion for all ages. Free kisses!

  5. Your foster will receive free veterinary care.

  1. You’re saving a dog’s life.

  2. You help us learn about the dog’s personality so we can place the dog in the best possible home.

  3. It’s a good way to see if you’re ready for a dog, or an additional dog.

  4. It’s an opportunity for you to help rescue without a lifetime commitment.

  5. You can help a dog recover from an illness or injury.

Save a life. You will be rewarded with tail wags and kisses! Complete an application today to become a foster. Fill in our Cody’s Friends Rescue Foster Application from the button below or with this link. Cody’s Foster Application

A representative from Cody’s Friends Rescue will contact you within 2-4 business days. If you have any questions please send us a note on the Contact Us form on our Home page or email us at


Expectations of A Dog Foster

  • Provide a safe, loving home for the dog

  • Provide food

  • Help train the dog on basic commands, housebreaking, and crate training

  • Exercise and socialize the dog

  • Participate in adoption events on Saturday afternoons, as often as possible

  • Create and periodically update a bio describing the dog’s personality

  • Email updated foster pictures and videos for us to post on adoption sites

  • Participate in the adoption process (meet & greets and home checks)

  • Take the dog to vet appointments for vaccinations and other medical treatments, and retain all medical records and tags until adopted

  • Do not let the dog run loose be left outside

  • Notify Cody’s of any medical or behavioral problems

  • Assist with publicizing your foster through your social media networks

Benefits of Fostering

  • We cover all medical costs through the use of our partner clinics

  • We provide crate, if needed

  • Showing the dog how it feels to be loved

  • Food and other expenses can be used as tax write off

  • Earn community service hours

  • You’ll make lots of new friends (both human and dog) at the adoption events! Working side by side with others who share the same passion can create lasting friendships.

  • Flexibility – You can foster when it is best for your schedule and take breaks between fosters if you need. However, your best rule of thumb is to plan on caring for the dog long-term, as there’s no guarantee how long it might take for him or her to be adopted. Some may get adopted within a week, while others might take many months to a year.

Our Founder Says...

Tina Austin, founder of Cody’s Friends Rescue

Fostering for me is the joy of watching a four legged baby change. We see so many horrifying, abuse, and neglect cases, so to watch these dogs grow with love, affection, and dignity is truly beautiful. I cry when they come in, and cry as they leave… but what a difference it is when they exit with their tails wagging and their heads held high! It humbles me.

You can also email us at with any questions.